An uknown soul

An uknown soul

photo by Clint Gorden

Judged, changing, caring, and happy, these are all characteristics and thoughts of a short, cheerful sixteen year old girl named Stephanie Rene’ Wall, who walks down the hallway looking like she would rather not be here; which may be true.

Wall, born on February 20, 1997, is misunderstood. When asked what most people think about her, she says that, “I’m not a mean person- everyone thinks I am mean and I am not Ghetto.” Being from a different school, originally MacArthur, people don’t know much about her, they just judge. They don’t know the background of this nice girl who just wants to be accepted.

“My mom wanted to get me out of Decatur..,” so they made the move to Blue Mound, where her and her sister, Jessica (a freshman), and her mother live in the trailer park. Wall doesn’t talk to her dad. When asked about him her only reply was “he’s a butt face,” and nothing more. Her two older brothers, Ryan (19) and James (23), don’t live at home anymore. She looks up to her older siblings, they are doing well. James even runs an electronics shop in Decatur.  She doesn’t know what to think of Meridian, small town, small school, and most of all, cliquey. Wall explains it is okay, but there aren’t many people she likes and it is hard to get used to the small town feel. She says her grades are looking good so far this school year.  Stephanie and her sister are always seen together at school, which helps get her through the day.

Change- something she is trying to conquer. She looks up to James and he told her that change is possible, and said that she could make herself a better person. That sounds good to Stephanie. She is trying to change herself in school and trying to stay out of trouble.

Wall doesn’t participate in sports or school activities but she enjoys spending time with her family as she laughs and says, “It sounds lame,” she likes watching the series Family Guy and American Dad. But most of all, she enjoys writing; she claims she is not great, but almost anytime you see Stephanie, she will have a pen in her hand and some paper. She claims this is how she expresses herself, in journals and poems mainly. When asked if she had a boyfriend or if she was in a relationship, she said, “It causes too much stress,” relationships take a lot of time she described, she doesn’t want to take that from her school work and family time.  She doesn’t have a job, but she is trying. If she could have one right now she said, “I would like to work at a pet store,” she went on to state that giraffes were her favorite animal. She is a girl who loves rap, her favorite artist is Future she stated smiling.

Her future plans are to go to college and start a career. Wall hopes to become a nurse, marine biologist, or maybe even writer. The college of her choice would be Long Beach State, in California. She wants to have a family, but not a big one, she was quick to add. Stephanie would enjoy helping people out and maybe adopting a child in need.

Behind the saddened look you may receive in the halls of Meridian High School, is really a small, smart, big-hearted girl who just wants to be accepted and understood, just like every other student walking these narrow, pale halls. So if you get the chance to have a conversation with Stephanie Wall, even just saying hey, you may learn something about her you never knew, I know I did.