The second place underdogs

The second place underdogs

Brock Doyle, an athlete at Meridian High School, is currently in his junior year, striding through the class systems almost before the blink of an eye. As a multi-sport athlete playing baseball, golf and hockey, he has tons of special talents. Brock believes his best sport is baseball, but after an outstanding hockey season, his opinion may have rocked the boat.

It was 2012, after a disappointing season to say the least, the Decatur Flames made it to the state championship game.

“We did not think we would ever make it this far,” Brock said in a shocked voice. “Surprisingly we blew out all the teams in the playoffs,” commented teammate Ethan Lankford.

After two of Brock’s teammates had scored and the other team had also scored twice, the game went into overtime. The Flames did not even expect to get to overtime, but thanks to Doyle’s incredible save by diving after the puck and stopping it before it went into the goal, his team had another chance.

Unfortunately though, as some Cinderella stories do, this one came to a bittersweet end. The Decatur Flames finished second place in state after a crushing defeat in overtime. They ended up losing three to two in a heartbreaking overtime.

Even though Brock’s team did not win the state championship, it shows that he has determination and never gives up with what he does. He may be better at baseball, but his heart is always with hockey.