Like father, like son

Like father, like son

photo by Sheila Reed

On your way to Meridian High School from Blue Mound going west down Andrews Street Road, you will see what looks like a rundown racetrack as you enter the town of Macon. Driving by the racetrack, you would not think much of it. It has a rustic chain fence that runs around the perimeter of the track. By the looks of it, the dirty, rundown track has not been in use for years. But actually, April through September on every Saturday night at about seven o’clock,  Macon Speedway is a rockin’ and a rollin’ with the cinematic cheers of fans in the crowd watching the races.

 Jordan Reed, a freshman at Meridian High School, is a quiet but ordinary looking kid. Jordan is the middle child of three. John Nave, being the oldest and Dillon Reed, being the youngest. Not very tall and a former lineman for Meridian JFL, he still enjoys playing a few pickup football games with his buddies. Jordan’s real passion though is for racing.

Gene Reed, Jordan’s great grandpa introduced Jordan’s whole family to the sport of racing. Gene first started racing cars called Bombers at Macon Speedway. The bombers transformed over into what is now called the Hornets.

Jordan said, “ Well, my great grandpa Gene started racing at the Speedway, then the whole family started because they were inspired by it and they liked it.”

Jordan’s dad Kenneth Reed is the current driver of the number ninety-eight car which is the family’s number. Jordan said, “He doesn’t win often, but I still cheer him on.” To enter a race it costs fifteen dollars, and to sit and watch in the stands it costs twelve dollars. For the hornet cars, a heat consists of six laps, and if it’s a feature race, it’s eight laps. If you win a race you get a trophy and some money.

It was Jordan’s dad who inspired him to get into racing. He had a memorable moment with his dad this year, Jordan said “ The season opener this year was on my birthday and I got to ride around the track in my dad’s car.“

Jordan plans on racing next year saying, “ If I have the money to, and if I get an automatic,then I’ll probably race.”  It has been a long family tradition of Jordan’s family beginning with his great grandpa to race at Macon Speedway.  He is the next generation of racers at Macon Speedway for the Reed family.