Hall”mark” your calendars


photo by Sieara Taylor

The cast and crew of Meridian’s The Holiday Channel Christmas Movie Wonderthon.

It’s definitely time to mark your calendars because the Meridian Drama Club has produced a show to kick off your holiday season. This Christmas production will warm your soul with its comedy and charisma. This Friday at 7 pm or Sunday at 2 pm, bring your family, relax, and have a few laughs. The show will take place in the Meridian Middle/High School Auditorium.

With its cheesy humor and Hallmark romance, the characters will immediately pull you in. The three of us had the opportunity to preview the cast’s dress rehearsal, and here is what the audience can expect. The writing is amazing and the actors make the characters more defined, bringing them to life. We almost felt we were watching a Hallmark movie on the stage. The new drama people, both freshmen, and a few new seniors played their characters well. Even the lighting gave off the vibe that we were in our homes eating cookies, under a blanket with fuzzy socks.

We felt relaxed and invested in the world they created. There were several strong comedians including Carol (Lexi Jones), an obsessive, psychotic woman trying to find love. She falls in love with an unconscious man, Jackson (Matt Parker), with whom she makes memories in a wheelchair.

The comedic relationship between Merry (Ellie Fitzpatrick) and Blake (Connor Ryan) was hysterical. Fitzpatrick was a believable mean woman, in her talk, walk, and facial expressions. That is until she met Ryan’s character. Who could resist the charm and corny portrayal of a masculine man, which Ryan added to this play?

The two narrators played by Maria Steiling and Madison Sapp helped us get involved through audience participation. Overall, the entire cast felt like family and we fell in love with some of the characters. We even had some fangirling moments. Literally fangirling, because there were literally two girls with a fan in the show. But seriously, we give this show three thumbs up (because there are three of us).