This years holiday rom-com; Happiest Season

Hulu’s original new romantic comedy, Happiest Season, tells the story of Abby (Kristen Stewart) who hasn’t liked Christmas since her parents passed away when she was nineteen, and her girlfriend Harper (Mackenzie Davis). Harper invites Abby to travel back home with her for Christmas and desperately tries to help Abby love Christmas again. The catch? Harper has not come out to her parents as gay and they think Abby is her roommate.

Abby has a plan to propose to Harper on Christmas, but that dream is soon unattainable when Harper cannot tell her parents the truth for fear of ruining her dad’s reputation as he campaigns for mayor.

Abby be-friends one of Harper’s high school ex-girlfriends Riley (Aubry Plaza) who has had the same experience with Harper hiding their relationship. Stewart and Plaza are a great on-screen duo.

Abby’s character is introverted, awkward, relatable, and likable. Throughout the movie, you find yourself always being on Abby’s side in every argument, even though as the viewer you see Harper struggling as well.

Being in secret starts to get too much for Abby and she calls her best friend John (Daniel Levy) for advice and he comes to rescue her. I first fell in love with Levy’s acting watching the Netflix original series Schitt’s Creek. His character in Happiest Season is very similar to his character in Schitt’s Creek. John delivers mostly sarcastic one-liners and occasional judgemental advice to Abby.

As they leave Harper’s parent’s house he reminds her that Harper not telling her parents about her identity has nothing to do with Abby. John tells Abby that not everyone’s parents are as accepting as Abby’s parents, and tells her that when he came out as gay he did not speak to his parents for thirteen years. I think this was a very sweet moment between the characters.

Harper and one of her sisters Sloan (Alison Brie) get into an argument and she outs Harper at their dad’s Campaign dinner on Christmas Eve. This sparks a large physical fight between all three sisters. I did not care much for Sloan but I do think it was good to show how their parent’s judgment negatively impacted all their children, not just Harper.

Harper chases down Abby and wins her back, and John comes with them back to Harper’s parent’s house and they spend Christmas together.

This movie was genuinely hilarious as well as heartwarming, with the perfect amount of relatable situations and dry, dead-pan humor. This movie sprinkles in some dark-humor as well which I really enjoyed.

This movie was a good watch and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a cute holiday comedy.