Blue Man Group: review


photo by Roxanne Thompson

Blue Man Group performing in Springfield, Feb. 29, 2020.

Flashing lights, bright neon colors, comedy, art and music. While you watch the show and try to figure out what is happening, the group on stage seems to know exactly what they are doing. That group being the Blue Man Group.

On Feb. 29, the Blue Man Group came to the Sangamon Auditorium in Springfield, Ill., to perform. The show started at seven o’clock and the whole show was sold out. One of the things that clearly stood out was how detailed and complicated the stage was set up. Everywhere you looked, you saw lights or screens and it looked really nice. They not only had the stage to perform on, but they also had a whole part where they could go up stairs.

I was expecting more of a music show, but that was definitely not true. Of course they started off with making music on the drums, but what I didn’t know is that the Blue Man Group is way more than only music. Throughout their show they used art and comedy. This all together made the show fun to watch.

During the show, the members of the Blue Man Group didn’t talk, but they talked with their facial expressions and movements they made. What I really liked about the show, was that they not only interacted with each other, but also with the whole audience. They asked people in the audience to get up on the stage and be part of their show. They also walked through the audience and tried to interact with everyone.

Beside the fact that the show really made you laugh and it was a lot of fun to watch, I did expect more music. They played on the drums, but it was not only them who played music. In the corner of the stage, they had a small little band that played music instead of them. 

If you want to laugh, this is the perfect show to go to. It was a really good show, but I think if you want to see more music you should go to one of their bigger shows. The show is made for all ages so it is great for a fun day with the whole family. I really liked the show and would definitely want to see them again.