Trump train 2020


Haley Grimes

As the election approaches, three students share whether or not they will board the Trump Train.

On Nov. 3, President Donald J. Trump hopes to get re-elected as the President of the United States. Since his first election in 2016, he has been quite a controversial figure and that does not look to change. Many people referred to his campaign and election as the Trump train.

Trump became the president in 2016, which means that most Americans wanted him to be president and many of them want him re-elected.

Laney Jones, a sophomore, has been on the Trump train since 2016 and does not feel she will get off the train anytime soon. Jones boarded the Trump train when it was basically a known fact that it would come down to either Hilary Clinton or Trump. She feels that Trump and herself share the same viewpoints on most policies, especially, immigration, economic, and military.

Jones does believe that if you are looking at him as a person, then it is different than looking at him as a president. Although, she does not agree with a lot of his past personal choices, she says that if anyone wants to use that against him, then she would like that person to give her an example of any past president who has not made questionable choices.

There are Americans who did not believe that Trump would be a good president and now can not wait to vote for him in the 2020 election.

I have just recently stepped aboard the train and have no desire to get off anytime soon. In 2016, I thought he was just a sexist man who had quite the closet full of skeletons. However, as I am getting closer to the first election that I will be able to vote in, I believe that when deciding on the best person to be president, it should be about their ability to get things done and help our country, not their personal issues and mistakes.

Trump has gotten things done in his time as president, and I think he will continue to get things done in 2020. He has brought unemployment to historic record lows, which has made people better off financially. He implemented a tighter work requirement for food stamps, which means people who are able to are going to have to earn their way, not just take it. He ordered the mission that killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, which was the Islamic State Leader.

Since Trump is such a controversial figure in his standings on certain policies, many Americans will not vote for him in the upcoming election.

Emery Johnson, a sophomore, is not and will never be a passenger on the Trump train. She tends to not agree with most of Trump’s policies as a whole or his tendency to tweet. The biggest policies that Johnson disagrees with him are abortion, climate change, and the wall. She also does not like how he said it was ok to discriminate against LGBTQ+ teachers and students in 2019.

Johnson believes that the personal life of a president does not concern her, but that it does show the kind of person they are. To her, Trump is sexist, egotistical, sketchy, and cruel. Sexist because of his demeaning remarks about women. Sketchy because he misused funds raised by the Donald J Trump Foundation to promote his presidential bid and past business debts. Cruel because of how he allows immigrant children to be taken away from their parents.