American idiots


photo by "Bernie Sanders 2016" by photogism is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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On Wednesday, Feb. 19, in Las Vegas, three days before the Nevada caucuses, a democratic debate was held. Which featured democratic candidates Micheal Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar. The candidates were given a question and one minute and fifteen seconds to formulate a reply with an additional 45 seconds for a follow-up.

At the beginning of the debate, candidate Micheal Bloomberg exhibited nervous tendencies and showed a definite lack of confidence when attacked by fellow opponents. Bloomberg remained silent despite being the target of many of the other candidates’ insults. When Bloomberg was asked about sexual harassment issues in his past, he stumbled through his responses and continuously rejected the idea of freeing women from their non-disclosure agreements. As the debate progressed, he seemed to become more at ease with his opponents and began to also come back with snappy insults.

Elizabeth Warren, throughout the entire debate, seemed very much at ease on the stage and confident in her replies. It appeared as if Warren had a sob story for every question she responded to. She had clearly done her research about her opponents and was not afraid to tell every single one of them exactly what was wrong with their proposed ideas. In almost all of her responses, she seemed to go down the line picking out all of the flaws in the plans, taking a more offensive approach, clearly irritating her competitors.

Bernie Sanders was an interesting candidate to watch. It seemed as if every syllable to come from his mouth was also enunciated by waving his hands out in front of him. Sanders and opponent Pete Buttigieg seemed constantly at war with each other. Sanders had a more difficult time trying to remain calm and often gave into frequent yelling over Buttigieg. It seemed to be a childish pattern the two often resorted to.

Joe Biden was charismatic on camera and was a definite people-pleaser. He was always looking for new, witty ways to throw shade at opponents, and much like all the other candidates, President Donald Trump. He was confident and often answered questions by reminding everyone how great he is in different aspects of politics.

Amy Klobuchar represented herself in a similar way. She often resorted to laughing at opponents when they insulted her and her ideas.

Watching as all of the democratic candidates threw nasty insults at each other and President Donald Trump became tiresome and quite frankly reminded me of a group of young children. It was highly disrespectful and unsatisfying to see a group of adults act so unprofessionally on live television. Even if President Donald Trump is not in their party, they should’ve at least shown some basic human decency towards him.