The chaos of WCKY


photo by Chad Mitchell Photography

WCKY is a play about drama, mystery, crime, and romance. This show will keep you guessing the whole time. The cast has been practicing since September, but will it be enough? Meridian Drama will perform WCKY on Friday, November 15 and Saturday, November 16 at 7:00 pm.

by Karrigan True, Photographer

This year the Meridian Drama Club will perform WCKY for their production on Friday, November 15, and Saturday, November 16, at 7:00 pm. This is Chelsea Stewart’s first year as director for Meridian.

WCKY features drama, crime, mystery, and even romance. It takes place at a new radio station in 1939 on New Years Eve. The old fashioned set, costumes, and music helped set the scene. The opening scene showcases the pure chaos of the first night airing. Unfortunately, not all of the chaos was scripted.

From the start, The Clementine Sisters (consisting of Andi Carr, Alli Hackert, and Marisa Hill) did not have their songs memorized. Throughout the show, they would look at each other as if to see if anyone else knew the lyrics.

Brian Reed, who plays Roy, always manages to keep me entertained no matter the production. He has the perfect sense of humor mixed with a personality to make the best of every character. He was one that I was really focused on.

However, during act two Reed forgot several of his lines and had to ask cast members if he was correct. He also forgot props, but this was a common theme with many cast members. No one would have noticed these mishaps if they were not made so obvious. I am hopeful he will get everything together and be more prepared for opening night.

Hallie Gates as Polly and Reed are a couple in the play. Their relationship gets caught up in affairs and drama. They both seem very natural as well.

Even though there were some mistakes, there were also some people that really stood out. Madison Sapp did an excellent job as Detective Carter alongside Trent Moma who played her partner, Detective Green.

Claire Palmer, who played Darla Van Owen, is a very nice, kind-hearted person. Seeing her play a character that is very strict and bossy was almost a shock. This just shows how well she was prepared.

Micah Rem as Alistair, Matt Parker as Ziggy, Colin Heidemann as Slim, Derek McLaughlin as Gilbert, and Gideon Hill as Randy managed to keep the crowd laughing during the hysteria.

Maria Steiling as Fran, Larou de Jong as Dotty, Hunter Foulks as Speedy, Ellie Fitzpatrick as Veronica, Emery Johnson as Sarah, and Link Honeysett as Sterling are all people who come across as quiet and reserved. During the play, they really got into character and performed well.

The trio of writers, Avril Morrell as Jasper, Zoe Pramuk as Mavis, and Madeline Klinger as Sal, kept the crowd entertained with their twisted sense of humor.

After Zoey Hayes finished her part as Olivia, she became ill. Tommy Ozier, who plays Dischord, recently was injured. It is uncertain if either will perform.

Overall, the play has a good storyline which has great potential with more practice. While some of the chaos on stage is scripted, the rest of the chaos will be difficult to fix in the next 24 hours. However, I am confident the Meridian Drama cast will pull it off and amaze the crowd.

If you would like to purchase your ticket for the play, you can go here.