Meridian community can watch live events on phone/computer/t.v.


photo by Sheila Moore

Journalism students Karrigan True and Tyler Ward live stream a basketball game.

by Delaney Jones, Reporter

The high school’s journalism class pays for the community to have access to live coverage of school events. To watch the live streams, community members should go to, click the “More” tab and click on “Video Coverage.” These live streams cover sporting events, band concerts, special board meetings, and assemblies throughout the year.

“We do live streams so that the people that can’t make it to the games…they have an opportunity to watch it from their home,” said Karrigan True. True is the Executive Producer for District 15 News and oversees the live streams. “It’s just good for people that can’t make it to be able to watch it, even for just a couple minutes if they’re at work or at home doing stuff,” said True.

The live streams have had considerable success this year. Last weeks home football game live stream received 493 views.  The live streams are HD and high quality. Live streams also feature commercials made by journalism students for advertisers. On top of this, the live streams are free for any community members within a certain radius of the school.

“We as a journalism class pay for our community to watch¬† the live streams for free,” said Sheila Moore, journalism teacher at the high school. “It’s a great way to watch if you have sick kid at home…or if you live out of state and you have a sibling that is still on the team,” said Moore.

Connor Hurelbrink is one of those people who lives out of state, but has a sibling that still participates in high school sports. Hurelbrink is a Meridian graduate who now attends the University of Louisville. His little brother, Drew Hurelbrink, participates in many high school sports including football and basketball.

“I enjoy watching the live streams, still, because even in Kentucky it allows me to keep up with the younger guys I played sports with and it is a chance for me to get to watch my little brother play sports,” said Hurelbrink.

The next live stream is the homecoming football game on Friday, September 11.