You won’t be ‘board’ at family game night


Arwen Baker

Wiley and Jolie Rhodes have fun playing I SPY at one of the events hosted by Meridian's Pre-K.

Arwen Baker, Reporter

Meridian Elementary School in Blue Mound will hold a family game night this evening. Preschool students and their parents can sit back, relax, and enjoy pizza and tons of family-friendly games.

“Part of my role is to provide opportunities for parents, both engagement opportunities and educational opportunities,” said Lindsey Sheppard, Meridian’s preschool parent coordinator. She hopes that this event will help children and parents spend more time together, as well as provide ways to exercise the students’ abilities to think well.

“We want to give families the opportunity to see lots of different varieties of games that are appropriate for preschool age, and just some of the concepts that the kids can practice through playing these games,” said Sheppard. “Some of the skills they can practice that are very basic…taking turns, following directions, even learning how to count as you move a piece on the board. Some of those things we’re finding kids don’t know how to do.”

The event will be free of charge to both parents and students, and a pizza dinner will be provided before the kids start to play games.

“We try to make it as easy as possible for parents to attend our events, so we typically provide dinner and then we also have childcare,” said Sheppard. “We have childcare for the younger kids as well as the older kids, and since we’re a grant-funded program, these kinds of things are free of charge to families.”

This is Meridian’s first year doing a family game night. The activities will be held from 5:30-7:00 in the elementary school cafeteria as well as the gym. There will be board games, card games, and games where the kids can move around. 

“We want to give them an opportunity to play some of these educational games but also just have fun with their families,” said Sheppard.