Drama no Moore


Brian Reed

Sydney Moore's shadow box for her senior send-off. Seniors receive a shadow box at the closing of their final Meridian show. Non-senior drama members create and present this special gift for their friends.

Brian Reed, Reporter

May 5, 2019 marks the end of Meridian teacher Sheila Moore’s run as director of Meridian High School’s Drama Program. Moore’s run ends with her favorite show so far, Mamma Mia!, which has been her eleventh show.

Through all 11 of her shows, Moore has had someone special standing by her side every step of the way, not just in drama, but also in life, her daughter Sydney Moore.

Sydney has been in every one of Sheila’s shows since she was in grade 7, and only recently started taking part in the cast. In the past, Sydney has been the stage manager when Sheila couldn’t find anyone willing to help out.

Each show that Sheila has directed, she has grown close to a set of seniors whom she then had to say goodbye to for the last time.

From beginning to end, Moore has done whatever she can to help her students, she even brought back the drama program for the students.

“I had a group of students who wanted a drama program, and we hadn’t had one for a while,” and so Moore decided to take the situation into her own hands, but she finally has decided to stop so she can spend more time with her family, and do more things with her journalism class.

This being her last show, there are some students whom she has grown close to who she can no longer work with.

“I could cry over the fact that I can’t work with Abbey, Keagan, Zoey to name a couple,” said Moore. She had some students who she also wish she could’ve had for longer in drama such as Evan Dawson and Kailyn Hughes.

Next year’s replacement for director is Chelsea Dunmire, English teacher and drama enthusiast. Moore had only one thing to say to her for the years to come: “Good luck.”