Following the yellow brick road


photo by Sadie Scott

Come out and see the middle school’s production of The Wizard Of Oz. I gave this show six out of ten on the D15 rating scale.

by Kyle Farmer, Executive Producer

After getting an early look at the middle school’s production of The Wizard of OZ, I can honestly say its something you won’t want to miss. Coming into today, I didn’t know what to expect to see with the original Dorothy (Addison Hudson) out with the flu. But seeing the understudy (Sophia Roe) step in, never having done the show as the lead, I could tell it was going to be a good one.

Under the guidance of Brian Pekovitch, Erika Dowd and Sadie Scott (who plays Donna Sheridan in the upcoming high school production of  Mamma Mia). The three have been working with these actors since January, and you can tell they have inspired these students to go out and give it their all. With only having three eighth graders, this production is made up of mostly younger students.

Camryn Brown (Zeke (farmhand) /Cowardly Lion) gives so much enthusiasm to this show. She is not afraid to let out the old Cowardly Lion cry when she has to. Add to that Meara Ireland (Miss Almira Gulch / Wicked Witch of the West), who has so much attitude and genuinely shows how much she wants those slippers, you have a winning duo.

Being in choir, I always enjoy listening to a group singing together. And that is just what this group was able to do. The scene at the begging of Act II, “If I were King of the Forest” sung by Camryn Brown was just one of many songs that impressed me.

This production will make all the stops: a fog machine for the whenever the wizard appears and the which melts, the projector for the Powerful Wizard of Oz scene, to name a few.

Sarah Gregory has made all the costumes for this show. From the dress Dorothy is wearing, to the hats the monkeys wear when they take Dorothy away. Ms. Gregory has also made the spears for the monkeys. Julie Row made the set and it looks really good. Also, John Barnes and Gordon Gregory helped build the set. Laura Klink and the Art Club painted the lollipops.

In conclusion, I think the show might have some rough areas, but it will definitely be one to see. I give this show a six out of ten. The show will premier in the high school auditorium at 7 on Friday, March 29 and show again on Saturday, March 30. So come on out and share a laugh with this young and learning group of kids in the production of The Wizard of Oz.