Music to our ears


photo by Sandra Hayes-Burt

Zoey Hayes, sophomore at Meridian High School participates in two drama programs. She currently is working on Mamma Mia! for Meridian High School and The Beauty and the Beast for the Decatur Park District Perform program.

by Abagayle Jones, Reporter

Meridian High School and the Decatur Park District Perform both have drama programs. Zoey Hayes, a sophomore at Meridian High School devotes a large part of her time to both. Currently, Hayes is involved in Mamma Mia! for Meridian High School and The Beauty and the Beast through Perform.

“It has given me a lot of opportunities to meet a lot of new friends,” said Hayes. “Doing musicals through the school has helped me be more involved with my classmates.”

Hayes wants to attempt to keep drama in her life, however, her complication with that is when going to college you can only perform if that is what you are currently studying.

“It’s a fun experience getting the chance to let go of everything and just be someone else,” said Hayes.

Being in drama has made Hayes a lot more confident in herself and her abilities.

“I have seen between freshman and sophomore year, such a huge growth spurt in many things that she brings to the stage,” said Ms. Sheila Moore, Meridian High School drama director.

Hayes has come a long way since freshman year. She has become a leader and can hit unbelievable high notes that others cannot. Moore has seen a big difference in her performance from when she first started. As soon as Hayes learned what the expectations were, she came and gave it her all.

Moore believes this new leadership ability is a direct way to get a lead role in the future. If she “continues the growth that she’s experiencing, I think the path that she is on is a way to a lead role,” said Moore.

Moore would highly encourage Hayes to keep drama in her life and thinks that Hayes being involved with the park district shows helped really develop her skills.

“She has grown so much, she’s positive and encouraging and just really, really focused; she is determined,” said Moore.