Meridian’s Instinct Band inspired by Rock Band 3


Abagayle Jones

Meridian students form band. Instinct, consisting of Brian Reed, Trent Moma, Hunter Foulks, and Gideon Hill practice together multiple time a week. "Being in a band had always sparked my interest, so when my friends in Instinct asked if I would sing, I was ecstatic. They had been looking for a singer for a while now and decided I fit the cut," said Brian Reed, the band's lead singer/pianist.

Shelley Moma

Abagayle Jones, Hannah Reichert, Reporter

An overwhelming feeling of Guy-ness, if that could be made a word, sums up what it’s like to sit with Gideon Hill, Trenton Moma, and Hunter Foulks–the original members of Instinct. 

The name of this band came about one night at Foulks’ house while band members sat around the fire. As they brainstormed ideas, the name Instinct just kind of popped up. “I like simple, one word, easy to spell, looks cool like Metallica [band names],” Moma said. The name of their band previously was Seven More Tomorrows (which lasted exactly two days), but that didn’t seem to please them enough, so Instinct it was.

Foulks and Moma used to play a game called Rock Band 3, which is where the idea of creating their own band originated from and where they got their inspiration to take action. At first, the only members were Moma and Foulks. “We didn’t really take it serious until like a year into it, that’s when Gideon showed up,” said Moma.

Once Hill got involved with the group, that’s when things got a bit more interesting.

With Moma playing drums, Hill being the guitarist, Foulks playing bass, and new member Brian Reed as pianist and vocalist, they’ve been practicing. They try to practice once or twice every weekend. They have recently cleaned out The Legion Hall in Blue Mound and have moved their instruments into that space where they currently practice.

“I think it could definitely last if Gideon cooperates a bit more,” said Moma jokingly about whether playing together in the future is an option.

Being in a band has been an experience for Moma, Foulks, and Hill. “Music is like my only hobby right now, and if I was somehow able to stay in a band and make a living out of it, that would be the life,” Moma said. 

“We inspire each other to be better,” Hill said.

Instinct has two scheduled gigs coming up in January.  One event is at Meridian High School–a great opportunity to see them live. Their hope is to one day have enough music to rent out the old intermediate school in Blue Mound and start having events held there.