Mamma Mia cast announcement: Here we go again


photo by Case Jaukkuri

The cast and crew in their celebratory cast announcement photo. “I was so excited! It felt like I was going to have a heart attack the whole day waiting to find out who I got because I was so nervous, so I was so relieved and happy when I got her!” Said Sadie Scott (Donna Sheridan).

by Kyle Farmer, Executive Producer

The Meridian High School Drama Club will produce Mama Mia as their spring musical. This cast is the largest for a Meridian play since Ms.Moore took over the drama program. There are 12 crew members and 29 Cast members. The co-stage managers for this play are Hannah Reichert (junior) and Hailey Wendowski (junior).

The group of female (12 in total) and male (seven in total) Islander/Wedding Guests are in ten different scenes.

The lead, Sophie Sheridan, will be played by Abbey Rutledge (sophomore). “It was super exciting! I didn’t expect to get her but when I saw my name go up on the board, I was so excited. I’m just ready to get started.”

Sophie is a young woman getting married and discovers she has three possible fathers. She then invites all three to her wedding. And while her mother is planning, she also has to wonder why they are there. Sophie has two best friends on the island with her, Ali who is played by Claire Palmer (junior), and Lisa who is played by Hallie Gates (sophomore).

Playing the role of Sophie’s mother Donna is Sadie Scott. Scott said, “I was so excited! It felt like I was going to have a heart attack the whole day waiting to find out who I got because I was so nervous, so I was so relieved and happy when I got her!”

Donna has two friends on the island with her, Tanya played by Allison Butler (senior) and Rosie played by Sydney Moore (senior).

Sophie is getting married to Sky who will be played by Nick Shasteen (junior). “I was surprised. I didn’t audition for Sky the first time or my first call back. It was my second call back when I auditioned for Sky.”

Sky also has two friends on the island Pepper who is played by Tommy Ozier (junior) and Eddie played by Trent Moma (sophomore).

The three fathers are Sam Carmichael played by Brian Reed (junior), Bill Austin played by Keagan Kantor (freshman), and Harry Bright played by Gideon Hill (sophomore). Father Alexandrios will be played by Colin Heidemann (sophomore).

The show dates are May 3-5. The show on Friday and Saturday will be at seven o’clock at night. On Sunday, the show will be at four o’clock immediately following academic awards.

The Meridian Journalism class live streamed the cast announcement. You can watch it on



Character Actor
Sophie Sheridan Abbey Rutledge
Ali Claire Palmer
Lisa Hallie Gates
Donna Sheridan Sadie Scott
Tanya Allison Butler
Rosie Sydney Moore
Sky Nick Shasteen
Pepper Tommy Ozier
Eddie Trent Moma
Harry Bright Gideon Hill
Bill Austin Keagan Kantor
Sam Carmichael Brian Reed
Father Alexandrios Colin Heidemann
Chorus (Islanders and Wedding Guests) Hannah Gillespie

Candi Duncan

Toria Henson

Emery Johnson

Katelyn Lowry

Madeline Klinger

Jessica Cuttill

Colin Heidemann

Ellie Fitzpatrick

Kailyn Hughes

Trystan Weiss

Hunter Foulks

Oscar Garcia

Madison Sapp

Maria Steiling

Derek McLaughlin

Zoey Hayes


Position Crew Member
Co-Stage Manager Hannah Reichert
Co-Stage Manager Hailey Wendowski
Lighting Designer Hailey Thompson
Sound Designer Robert Lecates
Costume Designer Lexi Jones
Hair/Makeup Lexi Jones

Candi Duncan

Publicity Hannah Craft
Set Designers Savannah Mendenhall

Mackenzie Hinton

Amber Coon

Property Master Gabby Bingaman
House Manager Jonah Brue
Usher Mackenzie Hinton
Stage Crew Jonah Brue

Savannah Mendenhall

Tucker Parks

Mackenzie Hinton

Amber Coon

Kyle Farmer