Powers’ powers


Alexis Rosenberger

Doug Powers sweeps the great hall as one of Meridian's custodians after working the morning at his farm. Powers started working at Meridian seven years ago, and he has impacted a great amount of people throughout those years. Power's daughter, Victoria McDonald, said, "Without my father’s dedication to his family and working two full time jobs, his children would not have been afforded the opportunities that allowed for future successes."

Alexis Rosenberger, Reporter

Doug Powers is one of Meridian High School’s custodians as well as a small local farmer. He works all day at his farm, then continues the work day at the school starting at 3 pm and can sometimes end up staying as late as 11 pm or 12 pm, according to social studies teacher, Mrs. McKinney. “He is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met…There is nothing that anyone could ask him he wouldn’t bend over backwards to do for you. He is so thoughtful of other people.”

Baylee Coffman, a junior, said, “I feel like he’s our mascot. He always does everything for anybody no matter what the task is or how hard it is.”

Before working as a janitor, Powers was working third shift at a factory in Teutopolis. His daughter, Victoria McDonald, a former Meridian teacher, informed him there was an opening at the school to help relieve him from the third shift factory job. Powers said, “I did that [worked at the factory] for a couple years, and that was kinda rough because you are driving home that Monday morning and you’ve been up for over 24 hours in pretty heavy traffic. You have to get out of that.” McDonald said that when he resigned from the factory, they had to hire three more people just to fill his spot because he has an “unbelievable” work ethic.

Coffman said, “It [the amount of time he works] seems like he is always here, and this is his home… It shows that he is dedicated to his job, and he loves working here because he does it with a smile on his face always.”

Even with all the time Powers spends working, he still manages to read a lot, go outside, and spend time with his family. Powers collects all types of old books. He likes “to see how things change over time and how some issues are rewritten.” In fact, he has read the entire Encyclopedia just because he wanted to. According to  McKinney, he keeps up on all the news, so chances are if you ask him about anything, he knows exactly what to tell you. According to Coffman, Powers goes out of his way to talk to anyone and is “the type of person who just understands what’s happening.” He has purchased a yearbook every year to not only keep up with what has happened each year, but to also “keep track of everyone,” Powers said. 

He has three kids and four grandchildren that he tries to visit as much as he can. McDonald said, “Without my father’s dedication to his family and working 2 full time jobs, his children would not have been afforded the opportunities that allowed for future successes.