Hakuna Matata, The Lion King Jr. is a hit


photo by Connor Hurelbrink

The circle of life! The Meridian Middle School Drama performs their rendition of The Lion King Jr. The show premiers on Friday, March 8 at 7 p.m.

by Connor Hurelbrink, Executive Producer

After getting an early look at Meridian Middle School’s rendition of The Lion King Jr.I can confidently say you do not want to miss it. After working closely with the High School Drama Club, I expected nothing but the best coming into this. However, I still had my doubts, considering these bright young thespians are only in middle school. As soon as the circle of life started, I knew that this was the real deal.

Under the guidance of the likes of Mr. Brian Pekovitch, Ms. Erika Dowd, and our very own Sadie Scott, these aspiring young actors delivered one of the best middle school performances I have ever seen. With performers ranging from 6th grade to 8th grade, and even including grade schoolers, the depth that this program has is a good sign for their future productions.

6th grader Christian Sheppard stated, “I auditioned to be able to spend some time with my friends.” You get the feeling that these actors are all comfortable around each other. They work together effectively, and the end result of the musical shows it.

Not being a singer myself, I always find it impressive when someone is a good singer. The cast of The Lion King Jr. definitely pulled out all the stops. The opening scene, “The Circle of Life,” impressed me the most. Almost all of the actors were out there putting those vocal chords to good use.

I have concluded that the musical is definitely worth the price of admission. Hopefully, these actors will continue their careers as they move into high school in the near future. The performances by Sheppard, Keagan Kantor, Maria Steiling, Laney Jones, Lexi Jones, and Tryston Weiss are signs of great things to come for Meridian Drama.

The show premieres on Friday, March 8 and is shown again the following night at 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium. So bring your date, best friend, sibling, neighbor, or distant relative down to Meridian Middle School’s presentation of The Lion King Jr.