Comic strip project


Kyle Farmer

Kapow! Ms.Johnson's geometry class will start their comic srips again. There are approximately 40 kids in her geometry classes this year.

Kyle Farmer, Reporter

In Ms. Johnson’s Geometry class, students have started the comic strip project. Students can either cut one frame out of the comic strip and recreate the drawing, or get some friends together and do a whole comic strip, which will earn the group five extra credit points. Another advantage of this project is the kids who are more artistic, get time to show what they can do.

“Geometry has just completed the unit on similarity, and this will help students apply what they learned during the unit,” stated Johnson.

Projects will be due on the February 20. Johnson says, “It will take me a couple days to grade and then I will hang them. I think I will put them in the great hall again, just because there seems to be a lot of traffic down there, and student and community members get to see them.”

There are approximately 40 students doing the project.

“I check every square and make sure everything is placed in every square. And I check to make sure that the color matches the ones on the comic strips,” adds Johnson.

Sophomore Trever Wingard claims, “I am somewhat worried about this project because I don’t know if I got the dimensions right.”

Some students do such a great job on their comic strip, Ms. Johnson keeps them to hang on a board in her room.

Senior Sydney Camfield still has her comic hanging in Ms. Johnson’s room. Camfield’s comic was one involving the Joker from Batman. She got 100 percent on her comic strip, something that is very rare.

Camfield says, “I liked the project because it let me show off how artistic I am.”