We’re live!


Kyle Farmer

We're Live! Meridian Hawks journalism class will have their first live news show on February 2, airing at 2:05 pm. Drew Snow and Spencer Litteral, who've previously been accustomed to pre-filming the show, will make this important transition--without the benefit of multiple takes.

Kyle Farmer, Reporter

Coming live from Meridian High School, District 15 News will air its first live news show, starting at 2:05 pm on February 2. The hosts will provide three different stories from a new location with one new host behind the desk.

The show will contain three story packages along with student-made commercials. The journalists behind the desk will be second-year journalism student Drew Snow and first-year student Spencer Litteral.

Litteral claims, “It’s a big step for Meridian, it gives us more situations live…more numbers and gets the news out faster for everybody.”

Litteral is considering going to Eastern Illinois University for either journalism or computer programming. According to Litteral, he is still going to try to be on radio or television. It is a big passion of his.

“You see people like Tony Romo, now he is broadcasting because he can’t play football. Me, I know I’m not athletic enough to continue to play football so I want to get as close to the game as I can,” says Litteral.

According to Connor Hurlbrink (Executive Producer of District 15 News), they will air the show at 2:05 on Friday for the students to watch during study hall. The show may be accessed here: http://www.nfhsnetwork.com/events/meridian-high-school-macon-macon-il/evtabc0a1354c

The live news show will be shot in the back rooms of the library. Where there are televisions that will hook up to each host’s computer and run as a tele-prompter. Hurelbrink will work the computer, get the commercials ready, along with playing the story packages. Emma Jackson will work the camera.

Drew Snow has been behind the desk for two years. For the first year and a half, journalism pre-recorded the news show, then posted it on MeridianDaily.net.

Hurelbrink says, “It’s going to be difficult to pull off because it is  the first one but I think, if executed properly, it can have a good outcome.”