Speculating Spectaculathon


photo by Matthew Sander

Very good, Yah?! Senior Kaiden Damery rehearses his role as Hansel with sophomore Claire Palmer. Both earned lead roles in the upcoming play. “I wanted to be involved in another play before senior year was over,” says Damery.

by Matthew Sander, Reporter

Since the cast announcement Friday, January 26, there has already been one practice, the first one going into four months of preparation for the production of the Brother’s Grimm Spectaculathon.

“As soon as she (Mrs. Moore) showed us the video of that other school doing it, I immediately knew I had to start practicing to get Hansel. Because Hansel is amazing,” says Kaiden Damery, a senior who earned two roles in this cast.

Damery wasn’t the only cast member that had his heart set on a role. Junior Sydney Moore auditioned for the role of the narrator because, as she said, “That’s kind of my favorite part, so I knew I wanted to try out for that.”

This year’s cast will feature six students new to drama, which will help support the largest non-musical show at Meridian under the direction of director Mrs. Moore.

“I think that they are going to do a great job. There might be a few kids who are nervous right now, but once they get through the rehearsals, they are going to pull it out, and it’s just going to be fantastic,” says Ms. Dunmire, who helped judge auditions, “They are going to work so well together. I think they are going to be really proud of what they put on.” Sydney Moore would add a similar sentiment, “The entire cast is amazing and everyone is fun and jokes, and it is a really funny show. So, that’s fun.”

The drama production will take place on Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5 at 7 pm.

“It is going to be absolutely hilarious. Even during casting, I was dying laughing while watching everyone audition and seeing how they work together. It is just going to be a blast. It is going to be the funniest thing we do all year,” Dunmire adds.