The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe

November 20, 2017


photo by Sarah Gregory

Chill out! The icy makeup was done by Sadie Scott herself. She’ll be in charge of her own makeup, while almost all the other cast will be done by Tiffany Reed. “I do a lot of shows a year, so I like to try and improve my show makeup, so I can do it myself someday or help everyone else,” says Scott.

C.S Lewis’s novel The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe, born from dreams and pure imagination, is to be performed right here in a stage adaptation at Meridian on the 17 and 18 of November. Hours of practice are being poured into this whimsical play by the hardworking actors of Meridian Senior High School, including help from one who graduated last year.

Meridian alumni Tiffany Reed is coming back once again to create the makeup looks you will soon see in November. Ms. Moore, the director, says “I wanted Tiffany as my makeup artist because she is awesome, and I wanted to work with her one more time. I’m hoping some of the younger cast will learn from her.” Even though many of the looks are known to be more advanced, Moore noted that most of the inspirations are either found on Pinterest or tutorials on YouTube.

Moore has been directing the plays and musicals for the past four years. She transferred from MacArthur to Meridian back in 2006. “I enjoy the process of the shows. I love choosing the show, picking the best person for the right spots, and making the show perfect.”

Moore has never done dramatic makeup for a play, but she says, “That’s why I have Tiffany to come and help out.” Tiffany is going to be working with several different types of makeup, from synthetic hair to fake hooves, and Moore says, “We’ve been pretty lucky with makeup. I’d say the most difficult was when Sadie Scott played a man. Changing genders is definitely a challenge,” Moore says about past makeup incidents.

Nick Shasteen who is playing Aslan, lion king of Narnia, is more than glad to be in this year’s play. “I was in plays my sixth and seventh-grade year, but continuing to perform got harder once the middle and high school combined.” Shasteen also noted that the cast was put in charge of finding and piecing together their own costumes. Shasteen meets with an actual tailor for his costume and says, “Getting the outfit together was easy since my tailor and I had the same general idea. The only thing that got tricky was the time that it takes to get the outfit together.” Shasteen is going to be wearing a mane during the play, which is being tailored to fit his head to ensure it doesn’t fall off during the performance. “We are actually using a glittery material for the mane so it shows up better on stage,” says Shasteen.

Actor Sydney Moore, who is playing the unicorn says, “I wanted to be in this one because I’ve been in all the plays, so I knew I wanted to continue performing. I only had trouble deciding what character I wanted to play.” Sydney has been acting for three years and would like to continue performing after high school. “I think it’s crazy how Tiffany can just make up someone’s look without any inspiration. That’s why she’s the one to do it.” Sydney’s makeup involves feathers, a fake mane, and PVC pipe replica of the back side of a horse.” She jokes, “When I found out, I was like ‘OK, this is going to be quite interesting,’ It’s exciting to see what we are going to do, but also kind of nerve-racking.”

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The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe