Mopeds: Next big thing??


Misty Getz

Cameron Getz loves to ride his moped. He purchased it February 19, 2017. "The moped is very fun to ride and can help me save some money."

Cameron Getz, Reporter

If someone asked me what I would be driving to the school other than my truck, I never thought I would say a moped. Mopeds are low key a great purchase when you have a truck that gets a ravishing 11 miles a gallon.  All of my friends laughed at me when I kept saying I was going to purchase a moped. I kept telling them just wait until you see it, then you will want to ride it.

I did some research on mopeds before I got one and found out if I got a 49cc moped, then I wouldn’t have to get my motorcycle license. The 49cc only goes 35 to 40 mph, but it gets over 100 mpg. I figured if I only use it to go to my friends’ houses that live pretty close to me and take it to school every once in a while, then I can save some gas in my truck.

When I first got my moped, my friends made fun of me until they got to ride it and then they all wanted one. Emily Peterson was not too fond of the moped when she came with me to get it. “It is dangerous because you can lose control easily and it is hard for people driving cars to see you.”

Justin Hendrian, another one of my friends who came with me to get it stated, “I think it was a great purchase because it is really fun to ride and now I’m thinking of getting one for myself.”

If you want my opinion on purchasing a moped, I would say yes because you can save gas and enjoy some nice rides in your free time next summer.