Go break a leg


photo by Cole Babcock

In half. Cole Babcock’s x-ray of his broken femur. Babcock suffered an injury during the March 28 track meet against Central A&M. “I was in a lot of pain and could not stop screaming. It was a terrible time.”

by Cole Babcock, Reporter

Next time I tell someone, “break a leg,” I will think twice.  I ran track in jr. high but not high school.  I thought it’s my senior year and I might as well do it all this year.  I liked running the hurdles in jr. high and heck, I wasn’t too bad, so when Coach Klein asked, I did it.  It was the first track meet of the season and yes, my first race of my high school year and….my last.  “I have no idea how this happened or what you did,” coach Denna Williams said.  I think everyone was in shock.  I was over the 4th hurdle and in first place when I fell and heard a pop.  My leg was in severe pain and I wanted to yell things (I probably did) that I shouldn’t have.

“I kind of thought you were faking it but then I realized you were actually hurt, so I ran over to you,” said Lexi Doss.  She was one of the first people I remember running up and almost everything after that was a blurr.  I was in pain.  I remember my dad handing me his coat.  “I honestly didn’t think it was broken,” said Darrell Babcock.  “I figured he didn’t stretch and he pulled a muscle.”  

That was not the case.  “I kept thinking- I hope this isn’t serious, I want to get him comfortable,” said Coach Williams.  Coach Williams kept me comfortable and calm until I was headed to the hospital.  Oh, and ambulance rides are not all they are cracked up to be, even though the EMT guys from Assumption/Moweaqua were awesome.

I got to the hospital and was told within 20 minutes that it was broken.  All I could think about was I won’t be able to drive and I will have to take finals.  I was wheeled off to surgery and within 2 hours I had a titanium rod, 2 screws in my knee and a screw in my hip.  I was in pain and mad.  I was going to win that race. Others thought so too.  “I think it is very crazy what happened because I really thought you were going to win that race,” said Doss.