The future of Drama Club


photo by Chad Mitchell

Rock on! Meridian performs their final number during Rock of Ages. This was the most recent musical Meridian performed. “My favorite part about drama club is casting and show night,” Moore says.

by Andrea Ricker, Editor-in-Chief

Rock of Ages left audiences shocked and wondering what the Drama Club will bring to the table next year.

There is one major problem with deciding a show for next year- the cast size. Most of the Rock of Ages cast consisted of seniors, which leaves eight returning actors with a whole different skill set.

“The seniors have really been a part of this whole thing and really what made it happen and so with them leaving it’s gonna be a lot different,” says Jake Deetz, a sophomore and Drama Club member.

“They’re two entirely different groups,” Mrs. Moore says about the seniors leaving versus the cast remaining. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. The new group has new potential and can bring new things to the table. Deetz adds, “It will have a new feel to it [and we’ll have] new talents.”

New people might be interested in joining the program next year. Rock of Ages sparked interest in a lot of students. Those who haven’t done drama before might want to audition for next year and be a part of the cast or crew. “I had tons of emails, texts, and people stopping by saying ‘I totally want to do that next year,'” Moore says.

“I feel like after Rock of Ages there are a bunch of people who want to be involved in drama now,” says Brittany Miller, a junior Drama Club member.

What exactly is the Drama Club going to do next year? Moore said that the school show is going to be a musical, which will probably take place during first semester. Ghost, On the 20th Century, Tarzan, and The Little Mermaid are just some of the shows she’s considering for next year.

Moore states that we’ll also be doing a play next year, but in competition form. Currently, actors are preparing to perform a play, The Audition, as part of an IHSA sectional competition. She hopes that we can continue to perform in these events. “There’s a lot of non-drama people in [The Audition] so hopefully that’ll [bring new people into the school show],” says sophomore Drama member Ian Carnahan.

“I like the environment [in drama] and how everybody’s so friendly with each other,” Miller says. Drama Club is an amazing experience and being in a show is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you’ll never forget.

Carnahan adds, “[My favorite part about drama is] being around all the different people and being someone you can’t normally be.”