Acting is not all about singing

by Shyanne Hagler, Staff Reporter

The Meridian High School Drama Club isn’t done. No, there is more in store this year with the High School (non) Musical coming up! If one thinks Grease was good, wait until they hear about this. We have Sheila Moore as the Director of this year’s 2015 High School (Non) Musical. With that in mind, Boyd Mathias plays as the lead role, Toy Boatin, and Andrea Ricker as Gaberella. The play will be on November 14 and 15 @ 7 pm.  Decatur First Church of the Narazene, Decatur, Illinois.

Boyd Mathias happily says he is looking forward to it and thinks it is going to be funny. Andrea Ricker also agrees, saying that, “I really enjoy being the lead and I’m grateful for it.” All the actors are getting good advice and leadership pointers from Sheila Moore in order to get pumped for this play. She tells them mostly to memorize their lines the best they can.

In the cast, some did not expect to get the role they did and are quite happy.  The director wanted to give parts to cast members that didn’t get much in Grease.  Andrea Ricker says, “I was an extra in Grease last year, so I kind of expected the same thing. It really surprised me to get it and I’m so happy I did because Mrs. Moore and the entire cast is just amazing and it’s a great thing to be a part of.”  The actors rehearse two to three times a week, and individually practice their lines everyday. They say it’s not easy, but they all enjoy their time.

High School (Non) Musical is just what it sounds like. It is a ‘non’ musical play. They alter the names into something comical but similar to the names in High School Musical. For example one name change is Troy Bolton to Toy Boatin and Gabriella is now Gaberella. The cast and director, makeup crew and managers, are all working hard to get this to work and to be successful.