Ian on the streets: SAT


Jake Deetz

Ian Carnahan

Ian Carnahan, Reporter

Meridan students took the SAT on April 5 in the high school gym; this was the first year the SAT was required for students in Illinois.

The SAT is the new standardized test in Illinois for juniors. The test took almost all of a school day and juniors were allowed to leave after the test was over. Jake Deetz, SAT tester, was relieved to have the rest of the day off after the stressful test. “It was really nice considering we were testing the entire day and the breaks were really short,” said Deetz.

With the test lasting most of the day, students needed the breaks given in between to give them rest for their brains. Colby May thought that the breaks were too short. “I think that the breaks should’ve been longer,” said May. “I need more time to eat because I am a young growing boy with a need for nutrition.”

According to Spencer Litteral, the SAT was insanely stressful. “It was so stressful for me because as soon as I walked in I fell, so I didn’t know if that was a sign,” said Litteral. It may have been stressful for Litteral, but Kaiden Damery thought it was amazing to get it over with. “I was just really excited to go to Royal International Buffet afterward with my pals,” said Damery.

SAT scores have not been released yet for Meridian students. Deetz is nervous and excited about the release. “I’m sort of half and half on it because it kind of dictates my future,” said Deetz.