Trump is president

Drew Snow, Reporter

Since the presidential inauguration took place this week, I decided I would see what peoples’ reactions were to Donald Trump taking office.

On Friday, January 20, Trump was sworn into office. There were students that watched the inauguration live with teachers’ consent and even teachers who watched it live during class.

Sophomore, Mary Adams said,”I freaked out and went crazy yelling,” when Trump was inaugurated, “because that’s my boy.”

Throughout the school day, you could hear students making chants for and about trump. Some students were “just frankly excited and jumping for joy,” as senior, Eddie Hogan was.

Hogan also stated that Trump will make his insurance company great again and “even the system out.” Hogan strongly believes in president Trump and believes in what Trump stands for saying, “Trump is good for Americans.”

There are also people who are against Trump and for other candidates, or even not for any at all. As Trump got a 47% vote to Hillary Clinton’s 48%. With these results, I was intrigued to hear what a Hillary supporter had to say about Trump.

Community member, Cheri Engle said she felt anger and frustration on inauguration day. Engle felt this way because, “Americans just elected somebody with no experience whatsoever, who seems to say what people want to here into the highest office of our nation.”

There are strong opinions about all candidates but Trump is now sworn in and the citizens of America will have to wait another four years to elect another president or re-elect the existing president, but until then Americans will have to see if their new president will stand true or stray from his goals.