What Up Wit Dat???- Tuxedos

What Up Wit Dat???- Tuxedos

Travis Robinson, Reporter

With prom quickly approaching, male students of Meridian High School are seeking a tux for the occasion. Where do they get one? How much will it cost? Do you say “tux” or “tuxedo?” Tux or tuxedo, What Up Wit Dat???

On April 30, 2011, an article was published online at the Wall Street Journal online.  The tuxedo is described as, “a revolutionary style that modernized formal wear by inspiring men to replace traditional tailcoats with more casual shortened dinner jackets.”

The article says there is a “Tuxedo Park” resort in New York.  This was an “exclusive sporting club.” Mr. Potter, Prince of Wales, was a member of the resort. The Prince of Wales commissioned a dinner jacket in late 1865 from Henry Poole & Co. in London. An American guest of Potter also got the same coat jacket and upon returning to America, began wearing it at the Tuxedo Park club.

It was in the 1880’s when more men began wearing these “dinner jackets,” as they were called at that time.  The article says how, why, and when these jackets got the name “tuxedo” remains a mystery. It is worth noting that “tuxedo” is the name Native Americans gave to the lake that is in the middle of Tuxedo Park.

Back to the future… three MHS students disclosed where they rented their tux and why.

Caleb White, junior, went to Seno Formal Wear in Decatur. When asked why he decided to go to Seno’s he stated, “My brother went there and I heard it was a great place to go.”  He was happy with his experience at Seno’s.

Senior Mike Leura has not purchased his tux yet, but states he plans to get his tux at Seno Formal Wear in Decatur, because it was the closest place he could think of.  With or without a date, Leura is still getting a tux and going to prom.  “I’m psyched for prom and can’t wait for it!”

Gabe Scott decided to get his tux at The Brass Horn in Decatur. Scott chose to get his tux from The Brass Horn because, “they had really great deals on tux rentals, and a wide selection of stuff to choose from.”  Scott also stated, “They were very helpful when it came to getting me measured and making sure I was taken care of. I also liked their prices compared to Seno’s. I paid $150ish and Seno’s is usually $180-220.”  Scott thinks The Brass Horn has a better selection than Seno Formal Wear.

If you are planning to go to prom and haven’t gotten your tux yet,  What Up Wit Dat??!!??  Here is info on both stores mentioned in this article to help you out:

The Brass Horn – 108 E. Prairie Ave. Decatur, Illinois 62523

(217) 422-9112

Seno Formal Wear – 2705 N. Water St.

(217) 875-7131

  • There are $50 gift cards available in the office at our school.

Where are you getting your tuxedo?