Graham Meisenhelter joins 1000 points club


photo by Graham Meisenhelter

Someone close to Graham Meisenhelter made this poster to cheer him on. Spectators are limited to only a few people so the poster was made to cheer him on while family and friends can’t be there in person.

On Feb. 19, junior, Graham Meisenhelter joined the 1000 points club during the Central A&M away game. Meisenhelter has played basketball since roughly third grade.

“I’ve been playing basketball with the same group of guys since a young age,” Meienhelter said.

With the help of his teammates, Graham Meisenhelter reached his 1000 points.

“It felt pretty good scoring my 1000th point as a junior,” Graham Meisnehelter said. “Knowing not many athletes get the same opportunity was rewarding.”

The 1000 point club is a milestone many players before him have reached at Meridian. Maggie Comerford in 2015, Layne Kircher in 2017, Jacob Jones, and Garrett Meisenhelter in 2019 all precede Meisenhelter. Though the stands weren’t able to be full for this memorable moment, that didn’t stop him from achieving this goal.

Graham Meisenhelter’s twin brother Grant has been with him every step of the way and was ready to support him all the way to 1000.

“It definitely made me really happy,” junior, Grant Meisenhelter said. “He’s been really looking forward to it his entire high school career. It’s been his main goal.”

Fellow teammate Lucas Clapp has also played with Graham Meisenhelter since third grade and congratulates him on his 1000 points.

“Ever since he started varsity as a freshman, he always talked about wanting to hit 1000 points,” junior, Clapp said. “It’s amazing to see him do it his junior year.”

To celebrate his achievement, the Meisenhelter family got a poster to commemorate Graham Meisnhelter’s 1000 points.

“My family made me a poster with a little help from Dynagraphics,” Meisenhelter said.

A poster was given to Graham Meisenhelter for his 1000 point honor. The poster was made by Dynagraphics, one of our supporters.

Teammates are hopeful that Graham Meisenhelter will score 2000 by the end of high school.

“I really think he can hit 2000 if he tries hard,” Clapp said.

Meisenhelter knows he couldn’t have done it alone, so he thanks his teammates.

“One thing I would like to say to my teammates would be to thank them,” Meisenhelter said. “Without them, scoring 1000 points wouldn’t be possible.”