Media club forms to combat limited capacity regulations


photo by Gabby Bingaman

Hallie Gates and Reagan Hunt live stream a boys’ basketball game as members of the media club. The members sign up for different events, they also set-up and take-down all the equipment.

Sports at Meridian are back, but due to the continuous risk of COVID-19, limited capacity is a necessity for safety along with other precautionary measures. To combat this challenge, a group of parents, students, and other community members stepped up and formed a media club to help live stream these events.

Reagan Hunt, a senior, is the Associate Producer for the media club. Hunt assists the executive producer, Gabby Bingaman, with live streams and is there to help if there are any issues.

“With restrictions around everything this year, it is important that we have a live stream available for families to be able to watch their students,” Hunt said. “I know my family out of state has really enjoyed watching my brother play basketball since they can’t drive out for any of his games.”

Hallie Gates, a senior, is a member of the media club. Gates was grateful for a chance to help out and watch some events in person. Gates had some prior live stream experience from last year.

“I’ve really enjoyed announcing for the basketball games, but my favorite game was probably the boys basketball game against Vandalia,” Gates said. “I was grateful to experience that comeback in person and it was just thrilling to watch and stream.”

The media club has had to overcome issues with the live streaming network, NFHS, and has had to navigate new technology. Not only is the media club live streaming high school events, but they also live stream middle school events and board meetings.

“I think the media club has taken on a massive responsibility and amount of work.  I am thrilled with those who have stepped up in order to make this happen for our school and community.  Students such as Gabby Bingaman, Reagan Hunt, Haley Grimes, and others, have all selflessly given up their time to come in and live-stream events,” Principal Eric Hurelbrink said. “To me, this is something our district and community should be very proud of.  I feel like Meridian has gone well above and beyond what others are doing in order to make sure our students are seen doing what they love to do.”