Future of college sports signing parties


photo by Chloe Moyer

Track athlete Chloe Moyer in her Cornell attire. Moyer was accepted to Cornell where she will run hurdles.

Meridian seniors who receive sports scholarships are given the opportunity to celebrate. Family and friends are invited to the upstairs balcony to view a signing during seventh hour. Along with this comes cake and a happy celebration, but what will these festivities look like in light of COVID-19?

“Up until recently, we were not allowed to have any gatherings of this type given the guidelines in place,” Principal Eric Hurelbrink said. “Recently, the movement into Phase IV has changed this to some degree.”

Phase IV guidelines state that all sectors of the economy reopen with new health and hygiene practices and large gatherings of all sizes can resume, but it looks different for schools.

“Yes, we are now allowed to have sports and events, but still, we are limited to a maximum number and restricted by spacing,” Hurelbrink said. “If we are to go forward with this type of event, it will have to look very different than it has.”

With these guidelines in place, it is safe to assume that everyday health techniques will be utilized.

“We will have to set a strict number of those that can attend, these persons will have to be socially distanced and we will not be able to have cake, etc. like we have,” Hurelbrink said. “These types of restrictions still exist so we will still have to follow them.”

With balcony signing parties being a part of Meridian tradition, seniors who plan to go to college for sports have always looked forward to this.

“I am currently trying to plan a signing ceremony and it has been quite difficult,” senior, Chloe Moyer said.

Chloe Moyer has been accepted to Cornell University to participate in their hurdles events included in their track and field program. This Meridian tradition means a lot to her.

“Ever since I saw my first signing party here, I knew I had to have one. At that time, I was mostly enticed by the cake,” Moyer said. “But the ceremony marks an important milestone of your sports career. I would be deeply saddened if I couldn’t have one.”