COVID-19 makes football season uncertain

Wyatt Latham

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photo by Chad Mitchell Photography

Even though it is uncertain due to COVID-19, the MHS football team and coach are still hopeful they will be able to begin in the summer.

With the constant changes in high school sports due to COVID-19, it is uncertain what the plan will be for Meridian High School’s football season. The team is supposed to begin practice on June 15. However, IHSA has not yet provided any updates and there is no ruling on when the season can officially begin.

“I don’t think we will have summer football due to COVID-19, but it will not stop us from working towards our goal of being the best we can be,” Storm Caroll, MHS junior said.

Micah Sheppard, MHS head football coach, believes the team will have around 45 players total.

Another large part of the football team is the Adopt-a-Player program. Sheppard creates a spreadsheet of the current season’s players. He then sends the spread sheet out to teachers and staff to “adopt” a player.

“I’ve had the pleasure of adopting Wyatt Latham for the past two years and hope to continue the fun with him next year should we get to have a football season,” said Jennifer Greenwood, MHS Restorative Justice Coordinator.

Karrigan True

Many teachers follow the player through their senior season. Their job is to encourage their player and support them, especially on game days.

“The teachers go out of their way to get us stuff and it makes me feel supported,” CJ Scott, MHS senior said.

When e-learning began, Sheppard was worried about how it would affect eligibility for players.

“It looks as if 98% of football players have completed what has been asked of them. The other 2% will finish up this week,” Sheppard said.

Students were required to finish at least 60% of the assigned work for each class to avoid an incomplete for the class.

“I don’t think e-learning will impact the numbers. I think everyone who loves the game of football and the people who are committed don’t worry about the people who change their mind about playing,” Scott said.

Despite the current situation, most players are still hopeful for their season.

“I feel like football will start in June, but all football players know it’s already started and have been putting in the work,” Scott said.