Meridian JV scholatic bowl places second in tournament


photo by Mary Sapp

Meridian Junior Vasity Scholastic Bowl Team won second place at Macon County Tournament and given individual medals and a trophy to account for their accomplishment. Keagan Kantor went on to receive an additional honor as he was awarded second place on the all-tournament Macon County tournament team.

On Feb. 8, the Meridian Hawks’ junior varsity scholastic bowl team traveled to Moroa-Forsyth to compete for the first place title in the Macon County tournament. The team was led by a first-year coach at Meridian, Dave McCleary. By the end of the tournament, Meridian had beat six of the seven other teams and received second place in the Macon County tournament.

“The day of, we all got here [Meridian High School] at like 7:30, Mr. McCleary brought down the Keurig and we all made some coffee, ate some Girl Scout Cookies, and went along our way,”  sophomore, Keagan Kantor said.

Kantor has been a member of the high school scholastic bowl team for two years. At the Macon County tournament, Kantor received second place on the all-tournament Macon County team, getting a total of 22 toss-ups in the tournament.

“I was very proud of them! Obviously I’d be happier with a 1st place finish, but Warrensburg-Latham has a really strong team and they played a better game,” McCleary said.

McCleary took over coaching junior varsity scholastic bowl after former coach Jeannine Rude retired last year. McCleary has practices twice a week and goes over old question sets and general strategies to help better prepare his team for facing their opponents.

“It was very exciting because we beat the other six teams, even though we did lose to Warrensburg, we tried our hardest and it was very exciting,” freshman, Zoe Pramuk said.

This is Pramuk’s first year of high school scholastic bowl, but she was a member of the middle school team for three years and believes that this year they seemed to work more as a team than in prior years.

“I usually look to shore up our weaknesses. My team is generally very strong in math, science, and geography, but lacks a little in categories like fine art and literature. As we get better in our weaker categories, we become a stronger team overall,” McCleary said.