JV and varsity girls basketball face Shelbyville, earn win/loss on same night


photo by Snipped from District 15 News live coverage of the event.

Riley Olinger (32) steals the ball and scores two late in the game. Meridian junior varsity would win this match-up with Shelbyville on Jan. 16.

On Thursday, January 16, the junior varsity and varsity girls basketball teams played the Shelbyville Rams at Meridian High School. Both JV and varsity started and ended strong, but only one team came out as winners at the end of the night.

Haylee Wilson (25) is a sophomore at Meridian High School. Wilson has been playing basketball since she was in third grade.

“My favorite part about basketball is probably being part of the team and working hard for the position I’m in,” Wilson said in an interview before the game.

Her expectations for the game were really what every athlete thinks: hard work.

“We’ve been working on rebounding a lot and defense so I’m hoping that we exceed our expectations and improve since our last game,” she said.

Breanna Evans (5) is a Meridian junior. She’s been playing the game since she was in fourth grade. Her favorite part about playing is the team culture.

“I kind of like the team culture and having a family outside of your home family to be with and be there to support you all the time,” Evans said.

Her expectations were similar to Wilson’s.

“I think if we come out strong in our man-to-man defense, we can hold them back,” she said. “If we keep their point guard under control, I think we can keep their scoring down. And I think if we play our hard offense like we do, we can stick with them.”

Ellen Jackson (1, 14) is another junior. She plays on both JV and varsity. She has been playing basketball since she was in the fourth or fifth grade.

“In high school,” Jackson starts, “it’s just about spending time with my team and I really love this sport and it’s really fun to spend time with all the other girls and just play the game.”

Jackson was aware it would be a tough game, but thought if they worked hard and focused up, there was a chance for a win.

“We’re a young team and Shelbyville has gotten a lot better since last year,” Jackson said.

Unfortunately, Jackson didn’t play due to an injury.

After the game, Wilson commented on the varsity game.

“The game did not go the way I expected. I think we all came in feeling like we were going to work hard on defense and that we were going to exceed all the expectations we put into practice this past week,” Wilson said.

She says for the future, they could work harder on defense.

“We really need to start busting our butts on defense. Hustling a lot more and putting in more effort,” she said.

Though they put in a great deal of effort during the varsity game, the varsity team still lost and the JV team won 44-22.