Fall and winter softball tournaments help players prepare for high school season

Larou de Jong


photo by Wes Craft

Lucy Snow , her teammates, and coaches. “We have practice once a week and play in tournaments till midway through November,” said Snow.

by Delaney Jones, Reporter

In the fall and winter, high school softball players travel far and wide all across Illinois and the country. These athletes play for a variety of travel softball teams. These teams typically play tournaments on the weekends. Most teams will play at different locations each weekend.

Most of Meridian’s softball players play travel softball and many play in the fall. They believe it gives them a chance to prepare for the upcoming high school season.

“They keep your skill levels up and keep you comfortable in the sport,” said Lucy Snow, sophomore. Snow plays for the Mattoon Cobra’s 16u softball team.

University of Illinois softball commit Jesse Damery, senior, plays all over the country. Damery plays for the Tennessee Mojo-Lewis 18u softball team (based out of Tennessee).

“I like the fall tournaments because I get to travel and it’s nice to be playing again since I haven’t played since summer,” said Damery.

Emmy Renfro, freshman, also participates in fall tournaments with her team. She plays for the Mt. Zion Lady Braves 14u softball team. Renfro hopes to make the high school team as a freshman and believes fall and winter tournaments will help her do so.

“There is a little gap from fall to high school softball, so I also work in the off-season to get ready for high school,” said Renfro.

Katy Hendricks, sophomore, and Anna Enlow, junior, both play leading up to high school tryouts. Hendricks plays for the BNGSA Angels 04 team and Enlow plays for Freedom Fastpitch 16u. Hendricks hopes “to make a long run in the postseason” when high school softball starts. Enlow has similar hopes.

“One of my hopes for high school softball this year is to make it to state, and I think we could definitely make that come true,” said Enlow.