Soccer seniors say goodbye to Meridian

Hannah Reichert

by Hannah Reichert, Editor-in-Chief

On October 8, the Meridian boys soccer team celebrated their seniors with a game against St. Theresa; they were defeated 12-1.

The soccer seniors (a co-op team of Meridian and Sangamon Valley) are as follows: Jesse Hamilton, Jake Rhodes, Cole Boehm, Everrett Swift, Jachin Wiese, Trey Bourisaw, and Ian Young.

The Hawks only goal versus St. Theresa was by Hamilton in the nineteenth minute with an assist by Kameron Beasley. Hamilton has played high school soccer all four years and is one of four captains on the team. He plans to study business in the future.

Rhodes has played high school soccer for four years and plans to play soccer at the college level while studying business. He also participated in basketball (one year), baseball (four years), football (one year), and band (four years). Rhodes’ favorite memory was when the team was able to convince the coach to let them get Taco Bell after the Vandalia game.

“It’s [high school soccer] grown me into a better teammate and a better player,” said Rhodes, who is one of four captains. “I think I’m excited to meet a new group of players and to learn how to be a part of a new system and new team.”

Boehm has played high school soccer for three years and has also participated in baseball (four years). His future plans are to join the Air Force and become a state trooper. His favorite memory was hanging out with the boys on the team while making memories.

“Soccer has taught me how to have patience and work well with others,” said Boehm, who is one of four captains. “I want future players to know you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Swift is a first-time soccer player this season and also participated in scholastic bowl (one year), band (four years), jazz (four years), and NHS (one year). He plans to be a mental health nurse after college.

“My favorite part of soccer was relearning the game and new friends,” said Swift, who stopped playing soccer before middle school.

Wiese is also a first-time soccer player in high school and also part of marching band, scholastic bowl and track.  His favorite memory was the thrill of winning the first game the team played. Wiese is currently undecided about his future plans.

Bourisaw has played high school soccer for two years and has also participated in basketball (three years) and baseball (four years).  He plans to attend Richland Community College.

Young has played high school soccer for four years and has also participated in baseball (four years), basketball (two years), and band (two years). He is currently undecided on his future plans.

“The boys come to know the difference between failing and being a failure. Then never forget it,” said Matt Rund, head coach of the team. “The game is a magnificent teacher of this.”

The senior boys and the rest of the team’s last game will be at Farmer City on October, 12, at 10:30.