Hawks suffer crushing defeat


photo by Robert Le Cates

The Meridian Hawks Football Team.

by Ellie Fitzptrick, Reporter

On September 13, the Meridian Hawks Football Team lost for the first time in their season to St. Teresa with a final score of 6-55.

“[During the game] I was thinking it’s St. T, we have a whole season to go. It’s one game don’t let it bring them down,” said Heather Crackel.

Crackel is a senior at Meridian and is a cheerleader for the football team.

“I feel like this loss is going to make us work harder, so we will be eligible to make the playoffs and because we want to turn this program around,” said Kayden Mashburn.

Mashburn is a sophomore at Meridian. He plays on the varsity and junior varsity football teams. He plays receiver and safety.

“Hopefully this loss will be a wake-up call and a little bit of a reality check on how tough our conference is. In the end, we are still 2-1 with a long season ahead of us,” said Micah Sheppard, head football coach at Meridian High School.

“As far as preparation goes, we will attack each week with positivity and enthusiasm. We will study our opponents and be prepared to play at the highest level,” said Sheppard.

“The atmosphere [of the game] was fun and exciting, everyone was pumped to be there, and they were just having a good time,” said Kimberly Love.

Love is a sophomore at Meridian and is a member of the high school band. Love’s favorite band performances are when they perform on Friday nights because of the late nights and marching under the lights.

“It’s been awesome to see them improve from the last three years! It has been awesome to see them win and be all hyped, tonight was a little rough, but I’m still excited to be here,” said Heather Crackel.

The junior varsity will take on St. Teresa on September 16, at 6:00. Then, the varsity team will play at Clinton on September 20, at 7:00.