Meridian varsity football players leave crowd feeling electric


photo by Robert Le Cates

“I felt relieved that he was off me, and wanted to go to the end zone so I turned on my boosters,” said CJ Scott about his touchdown in the game on September 6.

by McKenna Sullivan, Reporter

The Meridian Hawks are setting the tone for their football season, with two wins under their belt, Hawks fans filled the stands this Friday, September 6, to watch their football team take the win.

“It’s way better, everyone used to be down because we would always get smacked, but we’re coming off with a good start,” 2019 graduate and former lineman, Levi Keller, said, “I think they have a better spirit, they’re working harder this year. I think they just want it more than any other year.”

The Meridian Hawks took their win against Kincaid South Fork, with a score of 38-8.

Zoey Hayes, Meridian varsity cheerleader, said, “I feel like the atmosphere has increased because we are winning now. I feel like we are a really good team. I feel like people are more hyped up here.”

While the Meridian Hawks were protecting their home field, many family members and friends joined them, the atmosphere around the field was electric.

“Anytime we start out 2-0, that’s a great feeling, always gets the school year off to a good start, kids are a lot happier. I always used to say football season kinda set the tone for the school year, so starting 2-0 is a pretty good feeling and definitely more positive energy, lot more fans excited, it’s definitely a good start,” said Eric Hurelbrink, Meridian High School principal.

Korey Damery [10], said, “There are definitely a lot more people, it was weird actually seeing that many people in the stands by the end of the game, because normally they’re all gone.”

As the time dwindled in the fourth quarter, Meridian Hawks nearly scored one last touchdown, but the clock said otherwise. The team shook hands with Kincaid South Fork before singing the Meridian school song to their fans.