Hawks soccer soars to first home game win


photo by Robert Le Cates

On August 29, the boys soccer team defeated Mt. Pulaski 7-3 at their first home game of the season. “I’ve played with most of these guys all four years and I know all of them and they know me. We play well together as a team,” said Jesse Hamilton, Sangamon Valley senior.

by Hannah Reichert, Editor-in-Chief

On August 29, the Meridian Boys Soccer Team had the first home game of their 2019-2020 season against Mt. Pulaski at 4:30. The final score was 7-3 in favor of the Hawks.

“Well I feel like even though we won tonight, it’s just not a win because our opponents…they weren’t bad players they just didn’t work as a team as much as they should have,” said Avery Pearson, junior at Sangamon Valley. “It doesn’t matter how bad or good of a team we play is, even if we win but we play badly that’s still a loss and I feel that we only had a few players that played as good as they could’ve tonight.”

The win came from six goals by Jesse Hamilton, senior at Sangamon Valley, and one goal by Micah Mcoy, a home school freshman.

“It’s definitely crazy, I didn’t really feel like I did anything until I sat down on the bench and was like… this is nuts,” said Hamilton, one of four captains. “I’ve never done anything like that before.”

The first half started off with two goals from the Hawks by the thirty-seventh minute, which is in terms of counting down from forty. However, Mt. Pulaski came back with two equalizers, with a follow-up goal by Hamilton in the twenty-third minute. The second half started off with a goal from Mt. Pulaski in the thirty-ninth minute and the three final game goals in the twenty-second minute, nineteenth minute, and the fifth minute.

“I’ve played with most of these guys all four years and I know all of them and they know me. We play well together as a team,” said Hamilton.

The 2019-2020 season started August 26, with a 4-2 win over Stanford Olympia.

“We played more together as a team, as soon as they [Hawk’s team players] got the ball at their feet, they turned and looked rather than just getting nervous on the ball and turning to pass and hoping it’ll get somewhere,” said Matt Rund, head coach for the boys and assistant coach for the girls team. “So a lot more patience on the ball and more confidence on the ball.”

The Meridian boys will host Decatur Macarthur on September 4, at 4:30.