On the mound, Trevor Wingard


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Kyle Farmer

Kyle Farmer, Executive Producer

Trevor Wingard is a junior at Meridian High School. He has played baseball for three years. Wingard takes a lot of pride in his game. This summer he practiced on his own while also playing with the Decatur Pride Legion Post 105.

The 17-year-old Wingard has played baseball since the age of five.

From a very young age, he wanted to play college ball. So that is what drives Wingard to push himself to always be better. If he isn’t at a baseball open gym being held by the coach, he’s in his homemade batting cage hitting and throwing bullpens.

Drew Snow, a teammate for three years, said, “I could see a big change in his game last year when he was working with Jake Ripple. And 100 percent Trevor will be a big part in our pitching and hitting this year.”

Wingard has spent a lot of time working and getting help to make his game better. He has pitching coaches come in and help him, along with working with Jake Ripple over the summer and during the season last year.

Wingard’s main position is shortstop, but he can also pitch and he can catch a little. Wingard has set some goals for the team this year.

Coach Rick Scripmsher said, “Trevor should blossom some this year-he has strong desire to play well and succeed and just enough humility to where he might get some help from the team. Trevor has also chosen to put in the work that is required for him to play at the next level.”

Wingard would like to see his team win around the same amount of games as they lose (play .500 baseball). And he would like to see them win regionals this year.

Snow would like to see the team be more focused and get some hits along with wins.

Scripmsher would like to see the team play better than teams in years past. He wants the team to stop being okay with being bad, something Wingard agrees with.