Actions speak louder than words: Story of Jacob Jones


Christine Fasick

Taking it to the hole, Jacob Jones scores for a powerful and one play. Jones scored 15 points in his performance against Riverton on Friday, November 30.

Tyler Schilz, Reporter

Silent but violent, on the court Jacob Jones is a fearless unstoppable force. Jones is a six foot three forward for the Meridian Hawks varsity basketball team. He’s been on the varsity team since freshman year and has even started since sophomore year. Jones says his goals for the season are to, “Be five games over 500 [which means to have double your losses in wins, plus five]” as a team. Jones also said his number one personal goal is to, “Get to 1000 points this season.”

Jones is doing more than just being on the team, he is averaging the most points on the team and even scored a whopping 32 points in one game against Maroa-Forsyth in the Macon County Tournament. Jones said after that game he felt great, “A lot of people come up and tell you good game afterwards.”

Jones may be an outstanding player in high school, but he doesn’t plan on continuing once he graduates. Jones said, “I’m just going to play in high school.” He loves the game of basketball especially playing it with all his friends in or out of school because, “It’s fun.”

Jones may not speak much, but he expresses it all out on the court.

“He’s a leader,” Meridian Hawks varsity coach, Jay Driscoll, said. “He’s physically matured and leads by example.”

Driscoll is very impressed with how much Jones has improved since his varsity debut his freshman year. “He ignites the team and the crowd,” Driscoll said. “And he’s a great rebounder, he pushes the ball and is also a great passer.”

Driscoll has noticed much improvement throughout the three years Jones has been on the team, especially this year. “He’s really developed a nice mid-range shot and can even pull it from three.” Coach Driscoll is excited to see how Jones will continue to contribute to the team this season.

Jones may be all seriousness on the court, but outside of school he’s a joker. One of Jones’ best friends, Korey Damery, who has been one of his closest friends since preschool said, “Outside of sports and school he’s very strange; in school he doesn’t talk at all.”

Outside of school, Jones is a different person. “When we play PlayStation together he just screams the whole time and does not shut up,” Damery said.

Jones is overall a dynamic player and person and brings lots of skill to the basketball team, and is a great friend.