Meridian Boys Varsity Basketball takes home win in close game vs. Cerro Gordo Broncos


Allison Butler

ALL THE WAY! Garrett Meisenhelter takes it to the hole for the Hawks against the Broncos in the varsity game on Tuesday, December 11. The Hawks went on to narrowly beat Cerro Gordo 66-61. "I felt like we could've stopped #12 [Zach Harper] from shooting," said high-scorer for Cerro Gordo that night, Thadeous Roberts.

Tyler Ward, Reporter

Meridian Boys Basketball came into their game against the Cerro Gordo Broncos with a record of 8-3 and had just come off a loss in their championship game against the Central A&M Raiders in the recent tournament.

“We’re doing a lot of rebounding drills and we scouted them and also watched film to prepare for Cerro Gordo,” said Meridian Hawks Varsity Head Coach Jay Driscoll the morning of the Cerro Gordo game.  

The Hawks started off slow against the Broncos and then at halftime, the Hawks took a 14 point lead. The Broncos struggled shooting from the field in the first half. The second half was all about defense for Cerro Gordo. The Broncos started to get stops on the defensive end and also started to shoot the ball at a higher percentage. The Broncos also started moving the ball well.

As the 4th quarter started, the Broncos started getting a lot of layups on the offensive end. The Hawks started to break down defensively and still was getting buckets on the offensive end. The Hawks were up by 6 with 2 minutes left of the 4th quarter and then the Broncos started playing extremely aggressive defense. The Broncos started fouling the Hawks to save time on the clock, so the Hawks started to get to the free throw line. The Hawks knocked down their free throws to put the game out of reach for the Broncos. The Hawks defeated the Broncos with a final score of 66-61.

After the game, starting point guard for the Hawks, Zack Harper said, “We passed the ball better the second half. Jacob Jones did a good job of hitting his free throws.”

Cerro Gordo’s starting point guard, Thadeus Roberts said,” I feel like we performed great but we could’ve done better on defense. I feel like we could’ve stopped #12 [Zack Harper] from shooting the ball.”

Meridian Hawks will take on the Argenta-Oreana Bombers on Friday, December 14.