Hawks win first game of season

Celebrations began moments after the end of the game. Ponce Palmer, assistant coach, explained it as the

Sydney Moore

Celebrations began moments after the end of the game. Ponce Palmer, assistant coach, explained it as the "feeling of happiness. Feeling of hard work that finally paid off for us."

Sydney Moore, Reporter

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The Hawks’ varsity football team defeated the Sullivan Redskins 27-14 on September 21, 2018. The win was the Hawks’ first in the 2018 season.

“After going through this season and losing time-after-time again, it felt amazing to finally get out on the field and do what we know we can do and execute,” Drew Snow, a senior captain, said.

Several players stuck out to Coach Sheppard during the game, including Jacob Jones and Korey Damery on offense and Devin Walker and Jacob Jones on defense. Korey Damery, a junior player, had his first touchdown of the season.

“It felt so great, just to help the team and it was my first touchdown of the year. The whole time I was running I had flashbacks from LSA when I got tackled on the 15-yard line, so it felt great to get in there,” said Damery.

While the win was very exciting, it did come with a loss. Case Jaukkuri, a senior player was ejected from the game for his second personal foul.

“He grabbed me by the back and shoved me down. So I turned around and kicked him off of me, cause you can’t do that, and the refs aren’t calling anything,” told Jaukkari moments after he was ejected.

“We just gotta learn to not let the dirty plays get to us and stuff like that,” Ponce Palmer, assistant coach, said.

It was clear from the Meridian crowd, they didn’t agree with the call. A swarm of comments including “Case would never hurt a fly, that can’t be right!” And “This is just wrong,” could be heard over and over.

The Hawks will play Warrensburg on September 28 for their Homecoming game.

“Warrensburg will be a tough opponent. They have a really big line and are very disciplined across the board. We will need to keep the enthusiasm we had going last week and limit our mistakes to be in a position to beat them,” said Coach Sheppard.