One K Kircher


photo by Justin Hendrian

Layne Kircher scoring the 100th point against Edinburg, and his 48th individual point on senior night. He ended the night with 50 points a new Meridian record for points in one game.

by Justin Hendrian, Reporter

Layne Kircher is one of few players throughout high school to score 1,000 points. Kircher started playing basketball when he was in second grade and is averaging 25 points per game. Over this last season, Kircher has had a huge impact on his teammates.

Garrett Meisenhelter stated, “It’s fun to play alongside him, he is supportive and very energetic.”

Kircher starts practice at five every morning before school, and then he practices after school. Kircher puts in around five hours a day practicing, and he plays because he is trying to earn an education.

Cameron Getz adds, “He basically is the team scoring wise, and his presence at practice and games makes everyone else around him better.”

Before the game against Warrensburg-Latham where he scored his 1000th point, Kircher stated, “I was trying to get the W, I wasn’t really thinking about it. I was thinking about just going out there and playing my best, and it just came along with it.”

Kircher provides something to watch every time he steps on the court. Kircher is one of the top scorers in the county. He is an offensive threat, and it is very rare you see anyone stop him when he has the ball in his hands.

Nate Durbin mentions, “He’s a walking bucket really, and no one can really stop him or guard him.”

After Kircher’s four years of basketball in high school, he has really outworked many other players. He has an incredible work ethic, and that is why he has so much success and displays flare on the court.

Riley Brelsfoard stated, “It’s very thrilling to watch Layne play, and it’s like you’re at an NBA game right there on the sidelines.”

Kircher has decided to take his talents to Millikin after he graduates high school, so if you are interested in watching him play at the next level, go check him out at the Big Blue next year.