Mrs. 1000


photo by Herald and Review

Comerford goes to block a shot in the Meridian vs. Warrensburg-Latham game.

by Tori Deardorff, Columnist

It’s been a long ride for senior Maggie Comerford who has been playing basketball since 5th grade. A four year starter and major leader of the team, Comerford has finally gotten to a major milestone that not many others can say they have made it to. During the Shelbyville game, Comerford got to and surpassed her 1,000th point!

You could see the fire in her eyes when she hit the 1,000th point mark, the crowd got up in one big roar, cheering and screaming for a school favorite, Comerford. The game stopped and coach went over to her, handed her the game ball and gave her a very awkward handshake, typical of Coach Shasteen. The team stormed over to her clapping and cheering full of smiles and hugs. Comerford said, “I’m so privileged to have gotten to this point in my basketball career not many people get to say they got to 1,000 points!”

Hannah Wetzel (sophomore) also chimed in saying how she was, “very proud of Maggie and all she has done for her while she has been on the team!” And sophomore Amy Aukamp added, “no one deserved this more than her, she has worked her butt off through out her high school years.”

This being Comerford’s last year, the whole team and basketball program will miss her dearly. As top scorer and re bounder on the team, others are going to have to step up next year and help to fill in her absence. Although this is her last year, Comerford has been and always will be the face of Meridian girls basketball. “And I am so proud of her for that!” boasted her mother Carla Comerford.