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photo by Robert Le Cates

Mr. Cloe, science teacher and softball enthusiast.

Payton Cloe

Why do you think it is important to vote?

“I do think it is important to vote. That is one of the ways in which the average citizen can have their voice heard and also, promote changes they feel are important at the local and federal levels of government.”

Did you do any prior research about the candidates?

“I always try to read and be informed on candidates. I tend to focus more on local government candidates, however, since I feel they have the ability to have a more direct impact on my life.”

What was the voting experience like this year?

“I voted very early in the morning so it was quick and easy. I live in a small town (Tower Hill) so I was not too concerned with any public displays or anything like that. It was very much “walk-in, vote, walk out”. Easy peasy!”

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