What are the quaranTEENS doing?


photo by Madison Sapp

Madison Sapp sports a hair style she has never tried before. While in quarantine, she dyed her own hair for the first time. “I dyed the front pieces of my hair pink, and I think the bleach may have given my forehead a small chemical burn, but I’m not sure,” Sapp said.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, students are finding themselves with a lot more time on their hands. The interesting thing about quarantine is all the unique ways students are filling their time while adapting to e-learning at home.

Madison Sapp is a sophomore at Meridian High School and has been spending her time e-learning, cleaning, and watching TV. Sapp is watching a show with her dad and a different show on her own.

“Once we hit April, I’m watching all the new stuff they’re adding to Netflix. I’ve been waiting for what feels like a year. There’s also a book series I plan on rereading,” Sapp said.

Some students are taking time for their artistic hobbies and spending time outside in an attempt to do something besides sitting in front of the TV.

“Well, I’ve been playing with my dog a lot, I also started watching a new show and I’ve done some crafts,” Maria Steiling, a sophomore said. “I drew a fox for one of my friends and I wove this little wall hanging for my mom. We also might make magnets later this week.”

Lexi Jones, a sophomore, has kept busy while also trying to stay productive.

“I’ve been babysitting, watching TV and movies, listening to music, reading, going on walks and doing a puzzle,” Jones said.

This time has been perfect to try something new and Jones has attempted to bake some new tasty treats.

“I tried baking strawberry bread, it’s super yummy,” Jones said.

Jonah Brue, a sophomore, has also tried his hand at cooking, but his so far has not been quite so successful.

“I’ve tried to learn to cook a little. I’m terrible,” Brue said.

When Brue is not attempting to cook, he is also trying to keep in contact with his friends.

“I’ve been playing a lot of video games and watching Netflix series I’ve always wanted to watch but didn’t have the time to.”