Kantor experiences success as senior year ends


photo by Sheila Moore

Keagan Kantor at the IHSA journalism state competition.

Recently an accomplished senior, Keagan Kantor, made history at Meridian High multiple times over his high school career, recently earning a scholarship to the college he will attend.

“I have received a musical theater scholarship from the University of Tampa where I’m going this fall which is super exciting,” senior student Keagan Kantor said.

Just as impressive as a scholarship, Kantor also has a great athletic record. He runs in track, and continues to show success as he won multiple events this season. “Last week I won every single one of my track races in the 300 hurdles.”

Kantor has a record of outstanding academic performance, not only being talented in sports but also in physics, where he won the state competition in physics for the Aces Academic Challenge. This was the first time a Meridian High student has ever won the state competition. 

 “I won the state competition for the ACES academic challenge at Meridian for physics. I learned that I was the first person in Meridian history to do so,” Kantor said.

Kantor is also talented in more than track and physics. He once found himself stressing over a video for journalism, that was to prepare him for the sectionals. He only had a short amount of time to practice and still placed first.

“For Journalism, I watched a 15-minute video that Mrs. Moore sent me and I practiced for approximately two hours and stressed about it the entire competition.”

Kantor demonstrated his talent and did not give up despite the limited amount of practice he had. 

“I won sectionals for journalism in newspaper design after only practicing for one day and only being a filler so that was nice,” Kantor said.