Sophomore MHS food drive party


photo by Audrey Schuetz

The class of 24 celebrates with popcorn and drinks. National Honor Society members served the sophomore class from the concession stand.

The Meridian sophomore class was treated to a party on Friday, January 28 that took place in the great hall. They were rewarded for bringing the most food/money in during the MHS canned food drive.

The Great Hall was full of sophomores who grabbed popcorn and drinks then sat with their friends. Other students took their snacks and went back to their classroom.

“I think that it’s awesome the sophomores won, I hope this motivates them again for when they’re juniors,” NHS sponsor Tricia Campbell said.

Totals for the food drive included the following:

Freshman: 87 cans

Sophomore: 382 cans

Junior: 243 cans

Senior: 269 cans

Laughter rang out from in the Great Hall as NHS members ran from table to table to serve the winners.

“I was hoping we would win. I donated between 15 and 20 cans to the food drive this year,” sophomore Rose Hutton said. “I’m super happy and thankful that we won this year.”

Some students donated canned foods to the food drive while others chose to donate money instead.

“My father’s business [Park’s Sewer] donated $100 for 200 cans to the food drive this year,” sophomore Madison Parks said.